Student's Testimonial

Students at DA Film School share their experience of learning every detail of their course.

“The teachers here are basically gods. A-grade teaching faculty who inspire you encourage you to go past your limits. Technically 90% of my chops are based on their teachings. The studio is great! Undoubtedly industry standard and so is the equipment. Never miss a chance to work or watch movies in the 5.1 surround sound room. Its sonic distribution and accuracy puts most 5.1 studios in Mumbai to shame! I thank D.A from the bottom of my heart for nurturing me for the industry and the world.”

– Shayan Chakraborty [Assistant Sound Engineer, Omgrown Music – Ram Sampath], India

“ When I decided to choose audio engineering as profession that time I didn’t knew much about this course. I started looking for it with the Digital Academy and i just didn’t wanted to go elsewhere. I was impressed with the course schedule and the facilities available at that time. And when the course started i realized that my decision of joining DA was not wrong. I really feel lucky to have Mr. Daman Sood, Mr. Mujeeb Dadarkar & Mr. Vijay Benegal as faculties. Their tremendous experience in this industry helped a lot in the theory sessions. They are always ready to help students when they have any queries. And on this priceless knowledge what i got from these masters there were Mr. Jaikrishnan Nalinkumar & Mr. Abhishek Ghatak to help me improving my practical skills. Their expertise also helped me a lot. I really thank to Mr. Kartikeya Talreja & Neha Talreja for their valuable co-operation for the students. Just because of them we got to work in well equipped studios & the best faculties from the audio industry around india in DA. After passing out from DA i got a different and positive perspective to look towards career. I started working at Ajivasan Sounds as an assistant sound engineer and this course helped me a lot to grow up there when the actual live recording session happens. And now after six years I’m working at Octavius Music Recording Studios. And till present day i feel that joining DA was definitely a right decision of my life. Thank you Digital Academy.”

– Chinmay Mestry [Engineer, Octavius Studio, Mumbai] , India

“Hi, My name is Rohan Puntambekar. I am an ex-student from Digital academy. I completed my course in Sound Recording and engineering. Well, there’s so much to say about DA. DA has best of faculty for both theory and practicals. Daman Sood sir shares the best of his experience in the industry, Mujeeb Sir Benny sir will clear all your physics and electronics related doubts … We had Abhishek Ghatak who was there for practical training.. so good at pro tools and Last but the best …and most friendly… most loving JK sir. Full name (Jayakrishnan). He is there to help you out with anything and everything. Be it conceptual doubts or practicals related doubts. Well I had the best of my time learning in that facility. You get to learn the best of hardwares, techniques and industry used softwares. You are allowed to experiment, learn and ask questions till you are clear. And yes after completion of this course DA helps you find a job in studio as promised. Even after leaving this school, If I have a doubt about anything, I know My teachers are there to help me. Will Always be grateful to them. Thank you. Join DA and get your basics right.”

– Rohan Puntembekar [Music Producer for Dhuan Dhuan Composed by Swanand Kirkire for the film Bhopal a prayer for rain, Mood indigo after movie 2013 track] , India

“We all are born with certain gifts from God, some recognize their talent while others need a guidance to tap their hidden talent. For me Digital Academy has exactly been the same. Not only it has given me immense knowledge but it has changed my vision for Films and Music. I joined DA in the year 2011 and i am very thankful to the institution to provide such a compact yet informative course. i had the fortune to study under faculties like Mr.Daman Sood, Mr.Mujeeb Dadarkar and Mr. Vijay Benegal. I have always been a keen listener to their recordings and mixes so studying under them was a boon. I specially thank Mr.Jaykrishnan Nalinkumar (JK sir), our practical Faculty who taught us all the rudimentary and technical aspects of Sound. DA shall always remain very close to my heart and will try my best to repay it back in any form when and wherever required. “

– Sarthak Tale [Worked more than 2.5 year works in Qlabs Digital Post production as an ADR Sound Enginner, Currently Working in Filmlab pvt.Ltd as a Re-recording/Film Mixing Engineer] , India

“I am very thankful to Digital Academy for their constant support and for making me equipped to work in the competitive industry of Music. I remember the time when I was a timid boy, not knowing where to head and only one thing in mind,that is Music. The Academy shaped me, taught me how to listen to Music; listening being the greatest teacher. It provided me with the state-of-the-art equipments and softwares. I know thanks is not enough but I would not leave this chance to pay gratitude to my teachers- Daman Sood Sir, Mujeeb Dadarkar Sir, Vijay Benegal Sir, Jaykrishnan Sir. Today, I am working as a Chief Sound Engineer with one of India’s premier music companies- Rajshri Entertainment. DA left no stone unturned to give us Creative Freedom. I remember the time when our Theory Classes were going on, we were told to use the Audio Labs and create our own music. That’s exactly what has helped me. I feel Practical Knowledge is priceless, even though Theory is important but practicing and getting hands on training on softwares takes you to a whole new level. As they say, it’s all about ‘Riyaaz’. DA gave me time, support, confidence and an atmosphere to hone my skills and do my ‘Riyaaz’ everyday. And that has made all the difference.”

– Mayur Bakshi (Chief Engineer, Rajshri Entertainment Private Limited),India

“Digital Academy has been very kind in pursuing a career which I had always dreamt off routing me towards the right job and at right place as a beginner in the Sound Engineering profession.Starting from the course schedules and syllabus been drafted well , to the faculties Mr.Daman Sood (H.O.D) , Mr Mujeeb Dadarkar , Mr Vijay Benegal along with the practical department headed by Mr.Jayakrishnan Nalinkumar & Mr.Anupam Sathe who have all made their own stamps in Indian Sound Industry teaching us with so much passion and excellence sharing their experiences and thoughts.Special thanks to the Placement department,staff and other fellow beings around there , D.A is the answer to anyone who wants to make sure their dreams turned out to be real..All the best junior folks !!!”

– Krishnadas Santhakumar [Assistant Engineer, Famous Studios, Mumbai],India

“I completed my Diploma in Sound Engineering and Recording Arts in 2011. As a sound student I cannot emphasize enough the need to have hands on experience with different types of studios. The studios at DA gave me a perfect blend of all types of equipment and software I needed to learn to work in the field. Lessons from industry greats such as Daman Sood, Mujeeb Dadarkar and Vijay Benegal gave me insights into the great minds that have shaped the industry, and ample studio time and proper guidance of teachers from the ‘practical learning’ module allowed me to make mistakes and learn from them at my own pace. One can take horse to the lake, but one cannot make it drink! This is in one line my experience of Digital Academy – The Film School. No one can force you to learn, but if you are truly passionate, DA will give you the tools you need.”

– Karan Gaba [Engineer, Octavius Studio, Mumbai],India

“Firstly,thank you to the academy for giving opportunity to write. The journey with Digital Academy was a great experience. It gave me a lot of confidence and a practical approach and experience of what I use to read before joining the course. The highly experienced staff gave us the glimpse of the industry of how it functions. The staff is highly experienced and supportive at any of time in any type of difficulty. Every single minute the the premises,the studio way fruitful in many different ways wether it with friends or with the faculty n also technologically in gaining knowledge and ideas,sharing ideas and approaches towards doing a particular work. But I can never forget the funny as well as knowledgeable classes with Mujeeb Sir(special mention). I wish all the best to Digital Academic towards a bright future.”

– Vishal S. Giradkar [Assistant Engineer, Audio Dimensionz],India

“I joined Digital Academy in the year 2011 with a deep sense of love for Music and the technical side of it. The curriculum at DA is truly a value add from a career perspective and the excellent faculty who are industry working professionals add a cherry to the cake. Today, even at my job, the skills & knowledge I acquired at DA are extremely vital & helpful. Belonging to a technical field, we were provided with thorough Theory as well as practical knowledge. I was fortunate to study under stalwarts like Mr. Daman Sood and Mr. Mujeeb Dadarkar whose knowledge and guidance have helped me come a long way. Needless to say, these skills have enabled me to perform better at my job. Digital Academy will always remain as an answer when I face confusing technical situations. I owe a lot to this institute. ”

– Joy Banerjee [Worked 2.5 years in QLab as a Dubbing and SFX Engg, Currently working in Sahara as a Assistant Recording & Mixing Engg], India

“I remember attending Daman Sir’s first lecture and being completely hooked by the passion in his words. The blend of aesthetic and technical discussions opened up new sonic perspectives for me in every lecture. There developed this child like curiosity in our batch to learn, absorb, question and understand every little detail, which was greatly encouraged by all our Sound Faculties. The structure of the course helped me develop my foundations first on the basic concepts of sound, before gradually focusing on the aesthetics and the skills and techniques involved in the modern day sound engineering processes for Music and Post-Production in the comprehensive Stereo and Surround Sound modules. The practical exercises after each module helped me immensely in developing technical skills, aesthetics and in ear training. The smooth transition from one module to the next was immensely helpful in planning and implementing my final projects which made the processes really enjoyable. I am thankful for the placement assistance from Digital Academy, firstly, for giving me the opportunity to assist Mr. Kohinoor Mukherjee, a renowned Sound Engineer from whom I have learned and absorbed a great deal. And secondly, for the opportunity to interview with Filmlab India Pvt. Ltd. where I am currently working as a Sound Engineer.”

– Anuroop Choudhary [Engineer, Filmlab India, Mumbai] , India

“Hey Guys, Being a student of Digital Academy, it’s my privilege to share my experience with all of you. I am from Mumbai. And have done my Sound Engineering and Recording arts course from DA Film School which I thoroughly enjoyed, the theory along with practical training that I got from the institute, was really very informative. Both Theory and Practical faculties were very helpful in directing me for my future goals and were also very friendly. DA has groomed me to find the best job, and work with India’s best Sound engineers. I am currently working in a studio called Orbis the Studio in Mumbai. Here I have worked on many TV Commercials, Advertising Film Jingles, Feature Films, Short Films, Documentaries and on many Music Recording and Mixing Projects. I would highly recommend all your guys who are looking for a career in films & advertisement to definitely keep DA as your first preference. “

– Prathamesh M Dudhane [Recording and Mixing Engineer – Orbis Studio] , India

“Hello Folks, This is Sapna Pathak. The journey from Digital Academy Film School to my present day is awesome. In DA we have one of d best group of Faculty to guide us. Daman Sood, Mujeeb Dadarkar, Vijay Benegal are all well known personalities who teaches us theory. For Practical we had Anupam Sathe and Jayakrishnan Nalinkumar, who really helped me to build up my knowledge in DAWs n Hardwares. This 10 months course really keep us busy with projects assignments n exams. Its really fun. Now i am working in PurpleHaze Studio which is in Bandra as an Engineer for advertisement n films…”

– Sapna Pathak [Assistant Engineer, Purple Haze Studio, Mumbai] , India

“It feels so great to say a few words about that institution that made my Life worth of Living. Digital Academy – The FIlm School is one of the Best Institutes for Film Studies in India. Firstly I am blessed with Legendary Faculties, who are the trend-setters of the whole industry. Most importantly they teach us the necessary fundamental theory, so that we know exactly what we are doing. Our teachers are real Gurus who doesn’t just guide us, but show the way and enlighten the path of our Lives in this Lovely Film Industry. In our Audio wing our Practical Faculties were more of our elder brothers who loved us and developed our passion everyday. And Everyone, from our Beloved Director, Daman Sir to all the staff of the School, were so caring that I must say, that along with my every Footsteps of Success I miss my School Everyday and whatever I become in my Life, its all because of your Blessings, Teachings and Love. I am ever grateful to you all, Forever.”

– Ananjan Chakraborty [Music Producer, Winner of IRA Awards as the ‘Best Upcoming Sound Recording/Mixing Engineer in Film Music’ , 2014, India

Ananjan’s Productions :-

“It was a pleasure to study at Digital Academy.I took the sound engineering course and it changed my entire understanding of music. Mr. Daman Sood, Mr. Vijay Benegal and Mr. Mujeeb Dadarkar and the other faculty members expertly taught a detailed theoretical and practical course, and were clearly passionate about teaching sound and the music industry.”

– Vishvesh Parmar [Playback Singer, Music Composer, Music Producer, Sound Engineer], India.

As Sound Engineer: 2010: Rann
2010: Phoonk 2
2010: Payback
2010: Raktha Charitra 1
2010: Raktha Charitra 2

As a Playback Singer: 2010: Raktha Charitra – Milega Marega
2010: Raktha Charitra II – Milega Marega Electro Mix
2012: Kevi Rite Jaish – Kharekhar
2014: Gang of Ghosts – Ishq Behn ka Dinna

As a Music Composer: 2010: Raktha Charitra [Assitant]
2012: Kevi Rite Jaish [Gujarati]

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“Hello everyone this is Suresh Sharma from batch 40 in sound engineering and recording arts I just wanna share my experience with Digital Academy first of all very good environment specially Faculty all are legendary Mr.Daman Sood Sir , Mr. Mujeeb Sir ,Mr. JK Sir, Mr.Benny Sir, Mr.Anupam Sir all are amazing and also very good placement. I won’t believe I got my job within a month of completing my course. Now I had done more than 50 films including Satya 2 Of RGV presently done sound design for Kagaz Ke Fools, also working on Govinda upcoming movie as my experience with DA is the best in its class and I wish Digital Academy a great amount of success & thank you again for your kind support & your professional approach”

– Suresh Sharma (Recording and Mixing Engineer, Vikrant Studio, Mumbai), India

“I feel very proud of being a student of Digital Academy. I am basically from Lucknow which is more than a thousand miles from Mumbai but i looked on the internet and found DA very promising. Came to Mumbai with no second thoughts and honestly I made the right choice. I was lucky enough to have a faculty like Mr. Daman Sood, Mr. Vijay Benegal, Mr. Mujeeb Dadarkar, Mr. Jayakrishnan Nalinkumar to name a few who were more of friends than faculty. It’s been two years now and i am working as a freelance music producer and have done music for films like Finding Fanny and have worked with people like Mr. Sonu Nigam, Salim-Sulaiman, Sachin-Jigar and can never thank DA enough for the knowledge I earned there.”

– Aishwarya Tripathi (Bollywood Music Producer), India

“D.A. Film School is a great place to be at, with creative people all around you constantly keeping you charged and feeling creative. The faculty is one of the strongest points of this school, given that they are all heavily experienced in their field and possess insurmountable knowledge of the subject. The course covers all the aspects of the field in a broader sense, delving deeper into particular aspects, with strong emphasis on practical knowledge. It builds up your foundation of sound very well. I personally was very satisfied with the whole experience. To top it off, they also have a placement department that helps place you in a job tending to your liking. Overall, It’s a great place to be. You leave with your brains much fuller, and your heart much more content.”

– Himonshu Parikh (Chief Engineer and Music Producer, Lalit Pandit (Jatin-Lalit), India

“Digital Academy had successfully given me the experience I needed to further pursue my passion in the field of Audio. The strong faculty here helped me throughout the time I was enrolled. After completion of my Sound Recording and Engineering course at DA, I enrolled myself into DigiPen Institute of Technology and started pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Engineering and Sound Design. My current degree involves intensive computer programming in the field of Sound for Video Games. I have been applying all the knowledge I picked up at DA in a lot of my projects in DigiPen. I had the privilege to work on a game as a Mixing and Mastering Engineer which got selected as one of the top ten indie games at the Penny Arcade Expo, Seattle. We were the only student project among all the other selected 9 international projects. DA was the base I needed to make this happen”

– Deepak Chennekkadan, India

“Studying at DA was one of the most Enlightening Experiences. The quality of education imparted was beyond expectation and extremely focused. The Faculties are so motivating and hardworking themselves, which drives the best out of every student. The breakdown of content and the pace of the course have been designed so perfectly that by the end of it you are bound to learn, and in the best possible way. The course has been so crafted that it makes every student a better engineer in every way. It has been an absolute privilege to be trained under the likes of the faculties like Daman Sood, Vijay Benegal (Benny Sir), Mujeeb Dadarkar, J.k & Anupam whose only goal was to turn a student into a sharp engineer, a technician and a smart works-men”

– Mehul Vyas [Music Producer for advertisements from Oreo, Milkmaid, Micromax, Dell, Phillips and many more], India

“Studying Sound Engineering is not an easy thing to do in our country, but the course at Digital Academy really does a terrific job to even the odds. The course structure is well planned, the syllabus is relevant to real-world situations, the equipment is state-of-the-art, the environment is student-friendly and most importantly, the professors are industry stalwarts dedicated to making a difference. When I studied here, I was deeply inspired and encouraged by all of my professors to work harder, and my skills improved greatly because of this. It also opened my eyes to the innovations that are possible in this field, which made me pursue research in Music Technology at IIT Bombay. I would recommend this course to any individual who is passionate about the Recording Arts.”

– Prithvi Kantan [IIT Research Team], India

“I appreciate the course at Digital Academy for its compact syllabus and the good balance between theory classes and practicals. The friendly and co-orporative atmosphere makes it a joy to study here.”

– Michele zweifel, Switzerland

“Hi guys, I have come all the way from Bengal to do my Film and Television Direction course from Digital Academy Film School. It is a privilege to write a testimonial for my school. Two years ago, I came here to attend a free seminar on SFX and I liked it so much that I decided to do my direction course from here only. Well, I was late, but I came back. The course duration is six months. So, we are actually learning alot of things in a condensed mode. Naturally, the teaching strategy is very different here. We had so many guest lecturers given by top bollywood professionals, which I find highly beneficial. I must say DA is a very happening place. The most extraordinary event in recent days, which took place right in our premises, was an Iranian Film Festival. In the past six months, DA has transformed me into a new person. Today I am confident enough to make a movie of my own. I see a film with a Director’s eye now. I have started loving cinema in a true sense only after coming here.”

– Merry De, India

This is with reference to the training conducted to complete the course at your Academy during my leave I would like to thank you for your kind support & administration and also your guidance to help me & some of the other batch mates complete a major part of our trainings which was due. It was very well organized & it really helped me utilize my stay to the fullest during my leave which I had taken to complete the course I wish you & Digital Academy a great amount of success & thank you again for your kind support & your professional approach.

– Mir Shahnawaz Ali, India

“Being a student of Digital Academy, I would like to share my experience with you. Basically, I am from Kolkata, which is far from Mumbai. After contacting them I was astonished by the prompt follow up from their side. Truly speaking, initially I thought it was their professional outlook that made them call me several times, but today I feel it is their heartfelt love for Cinema and the people who are interested with the Cinema Industry. I feel happy when I receive the same care and positive vibrations from faculties, support staffs as well as management till date. Frankly speaking, I was some sort of an anxious new comer in Mumbai. It was them who made me feel homely in Mumbai. Now, I have no doubt that it was my right decision to join Digital Academy and be a small part of it. Hope they will be with me with the same care and love in the future. At last-bring one step towards them, they will bring two steps towards you.”

– Debashish Bhattacharya, India

“DA is a superb name and so is the institute. The Faculty heads, the counselors and the services given were truly superb. Whenever something was wrong, all we had to do was inform them and the problem was solved so easily. Faculty like Ramesh Gupta Sir, Mr. Sankalp Meshram, Mr. Daman Sood, Saurab Saxena and others were all very good. Finally, I would like to sum up by saying our heads, ‘Neha Talreja’, ‘ Kartikeya Talreja and Mr. Basant Talreja were extremely co-orporative and helped me learn everything from start and thus made me the man I am today. All of you will be with me through each and every moment of my life. If I make it to the Oscars, I promise to definitely say that ‘Digital Academy Rocks’!!!”

– Jiten Soni, India

“It’s a great honor and privilege for me to write the testimonial for my institute. I feel lucky to be the student of the D.A. I am basically from a small town Ahmednagar but D.A tremendously helped me to learn how to organize successfully and systematically. It was an experience of “Learning by doing”. Students are encouraged and given enough opportunities to the Cinema Industry. The theoretical knowledge along with practical training the students received here is praise worthy. Besides these, the institute also conducts study tours to various studios. These visit have helped to simplify studies through the method of “Learning by seeing”. The cordial relationship that exists between students and the faculty is worth mentioning. The ever ready co-operation and support we receive from the faculty head like Neha Talreja, kartikeya Talreja and Mr Basant Talreja highly appreciated. Mr. Daman Sood, Mr. Mujeeb Dadarkar and Mr. Jibu are extremely good, gentle and kind. They are always ready to help the students when they have any problem or queries regarding the theory or recording. I am very much inspired by all the Teaching faculty and Management as they taught me the hardworking person to achieve my goal in life. In our dynamic world success and happiness depend on hard work not on theory or mere words. The D.A uphold discipline , hardwork , Character Formation and value oriented training. It was also the time to explore our own talents and also to appreciate the talent of one another. It was really a thrilling experience we had in the D.A during the training. We had plenty of opportunities to practice what we learned. I have no doubt it was my right decision to join the D.A. As i moved out from the institute i’ll be carrying with me Inspirations, Vision and Courage to contribute towards the betterment of Humanity through the pen. I would like to tell the student make maximum use of the facilities and never let the values go by while shriving for success in the world.

– Mervin Pillai, India

My name is Sachin P. Pol. I was always interested in making music and recording. So naturally I wanted to learn everything about it.I was really glad to know about D.A. I went to their office and spoke to some of the faculty and joined the academy.
D.A has very good studios and an excellent faculty like Mr. Daman Sood, Majib Sir and Beny Sir, and i learned alot from the academy.
D.A also helped me to get a job in a well equipped studio near home itself which is providing me with good experience and helping me learn about the industry. Joining D.A proved to be a real bliss to me.

– Sachin P. Pol, India

The last six months that I have spent at Digital Academy have been memorable in more than one sense. Apart from the knowledge,I gained some good friends and everlasting memories.I would like to thank my classmates and the faculty of Digital Academy who have always helped me in my endeavour to understand the art of editing.My special regards to Yogesh Sharma sir,a true genius in this field,who was always willing to entertain my endless queries,has always been a motivating force to the students and went out of his way to help students gain the competence in editing.

– Ankit Shrivastava, India