Duration: 6 Months, Weekday

A major part of Entertainment is to create Visuals that Enthral the Audience with its grandeur and scale and over the last few decades, CGI & Visual Effects have enabled Film Makers to do the same. Whether it is the spine chilling horror movies with subtle visual effects, or the gigantic realms of the galaxies far far away, humongous starships in imaginary futuristic worlds or the superheroes in an alternate universe. All of this is not possible without the most critical weapon in a filmmakers arsenal "Visual Effects". 

We have evolved as a media and entertainment ecosystem with a plethora of content that is made for cinema, digital platforms and linear television. And since the last few decades Visual Effects has made major inroads in it as well. We make many projects with elements of Mythology, Fantasy, Supernatural, Historical and Horror for all forms of entertainment. This has created a huge requirement of quality trained manpower in the Visual Effects and Digital Post roles.

At DA we provide a unique course for Visual Effects with basics of Filmmaking, Immersive application of the tools beyond simple software features and above all the ignition of the creative mind to enable the smooth transition from student to professional for the incumbent.

At DA we believe in unleashing and honing an individual's innate creative and technical skills making them into full fledged professionals in the industry that is ever evolving and achieving new milestones each day.

Course Structure


As they say a building is as good as its foundation, so it is the most critical of things. An exhaustive understanding of the Origins, application and various scenarios with a detailed overview of the process is imparted in this module.

VFX - The Craft

The Minutia of all aspects of the process is taught in this module. The student gets to explore the vast arena of Visual Effects in great detail with each and every tool and application exercised thoroughly to perfection.

VFX - The Art

Here the student is immersed in the finer points like aesthetics, interfacing with cinematic language and is metamorphosed into a creatively intelligent and skilled Visual Effects artist with a strong base and a cogent skills.


Adobe Photoshop / Premiere Pro / After Effects & Nuke.


India is literally exploding as far as the Media and Entertainment sector is concerned. We make the largest number of movies globally, have an enormous TV Channel Ecosystem and the Digital Content Consumption is at an all time high.

Visual Effects is a niche segment but has become almost a necessity in today's times. Whether it is the Gods on a Mythological show, or the grand battle scenes of the Historical Magnum Opus or simply the Naagins & Dayans on TV, Visual Effects Artists are in great demand. Another hot sector of employment for VFX Artists since 1990s is Advertising. A Television Commercial simply cannot be made without CGI or VFX at all. Thus it has been a haven for creative visual minds since its inception.

Visual Effects is a career that is both deeply satisfying due to the aspect of both innovation and lets one create imaginary worlds and characters on a Computing Device. And it is also one of the most lucrative careers in this industry.

If you are creative, good with technology and have a innate sense of aesthetics you can be a successful Visual Effects Artist All you need is the right training and incubation environment. DA Film School is just the right place as we engage your creativity and help you hone your skills and put you on the path of a successful career as a VFX Artiste.

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