Sound Recording & Engineering

Though an abstract, intangible sensory perception, sound constitutes perhaps our most intimate interactions with reality. In Cinema, despite its late entry, sound now occupies as important a position as do visuals. With the introduction of digital surround sound, it is now possible for viewers to have a three dimensional experience in a medium which is two-dimensional.

A Sound Engineer is a person who understands the importance of the sound track, which works in conjunction with the visual image. Sound and picture share a symbiotic relationship and the result is pure magic-The magic of Cinema.

Having established the importance of sound in our life, a student attending this course will learn both the technical and creative aspects of the recording process. Students practice on state-of-the-art equipment used in professional studios and upon completion will be able to successfully work in any avenue of the sound recording industry.


130 sessions of 3 hours each over 10 months

4.5 months theory and 5.5 months practicals