Screenplay Writing

The script of a film is quite like the blue print design of a building or an outline sketch made by a painter before making the painting itself. A film script is nothing but a verbal blue print of a proposed film which indicates the order of events in a story, its dialogues and also the visual treatment and style. While it is possible to start making a film without a script, it is impossible to complete a film without scripting it.

Over the years, Filmmakers across cultures and continents have realised and emphasized the importance of the script. In Hollywood, scripts are given utmost importance and the script writing profession there, is both glamorous and remunerative. The Hindi Film Industry too, is now waking up to the importance of good scripting and scriptwriters are in great demand.

The Screenwriting course at Digital Academy- The Film School firmly asserts that the screenplay is the basic backbone of all filmmaking. It emphasizes learning-by-doing and a deeper appreciation of film techniques and technologies, from which all good writing stems. In other words, though classes are held twice a week, students of the script writing course are encouraged to use the ‘free’ time to explore their creativity, read relevant books, watch films from across the world and cultivate their writing skills.Our students have often declared that the course, though concise, has proved to be a turning point in their lives.


78 sessions of 3 hours over 6 months.

Saturday : 5pm to 8pm and Sunday : 11am to 5:30pm