Duration - 8 Weeks - Weekday, 10 Weeks - Weekend

DA Film School Makeup for Bollywood Course is curated as per the industry requirement where our students learn various kinds of makeup with hands-on training using products from International Makeup brands along with exclusive exposure to Bollywood Makeup, Television Makeup, Prosthetic Makeup and Bridal Makeup. Students are also trained to create Mood Boards, which empowers students to have an experience of International Makeup Learning standards.

DA Film School provides Internship to students in production houses in the Makeup department.

Course Structure

History of Makeup

Discover the history of ancient Makeup

When, where and how it was invented

Influence of ancient makeup on current trends

Ever growing treads from decade to decade


Skin care and Hygiene

Types of Skin

Facial Anatomy

Skin undertones

Skin prep


Specialized Makeup for film & television

Makeup for Ramp shows, High-end Events, Bridal, Theater, Ad Films and more

Various Eye Makeup techniques

Understanding Director’s need to create a character

Creative Character makeup for specific roles

Product Knowledge

Color theories to understand skin Tones and Textures

Finding correct Foundation for different skin types

Product mixing techniques

Understanding makeup for different face shapes

Makeup for Different light settings


Understand photography to apply Makeup for portfolios, photo shoots, catalogs and more

Learn how to apply makeup to suit a particular photo shoot lighting and theme

Soft natural light will need different makeup then more precise or contrasted studio lighting

Lighting affects colors and tones, face contours, angles and skin texture, Good makeup will ensure that none of these are lost when a photo is taken


Expert lecture from our Cinematography faculty of various Lighting methods and its direct Relation to makeup

Understanding different types of Light

Gaining knowledge on how to use light to enhance the Makeup look desired


Basic Introduction to Prosthetics

Application of Wigs, Mustache, Beards and Bald caps

Create Wounds, Bruises, cuts and slashes

Application of Fake blood

How to use Latex in makeup

Knowledge in creating face mask

Marketing Oneself

Learn how to build portfolio, Network and build connections

Ways to communicate with people from the Film industry

Tricks and techniques to showcase your work

Learn about various Career options in Makeup


There are endless opportunities in the world of makeup. There is a huge demand for professionally trained makeup artists in Bollywood.

The scope for makeup artists goes from film shoots, theaters, TV commercials, fashion shoots, bridals, and events to grooming instructors for corporates, hospitality, aviation and beyond.

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