The dictionary meaning of the word “Acting” is pretending, an intended action or deed and the occupation and work of an Actor.

Jean Genet described “Acting” as the discovery of the many selves hidden within an identity of a person. That is how an Actor can be a poor love-lorn youth in one role, and a brash, aggressive, heart breaker in another. Or a woman could be a submissive, simple housewife in one role and a skimming, seductive vamp in another. Be it the role of main protagonists, character actors, comedians, villains, or narrators, it is only the trained and skilled actors who can do justice to the demands of a role.

From time immemorial, human beings have possessed the ability to imitate gestures, expressions, voices and actions of others. In Greek drama, initially there was no concept of an individual performance and the entire “play” consisted of large choruses describing (telling) actions and deeds of various characters in the third person.

Today, it is hard to imagine that there was ever a time when no ‘actors’ existed. What we see instead is a world which treats acting as one of the finest art forms and loves certain actors so much, that they are called Superstars.

The glitz and the glamour not withstanding, acting is a profession that requires serious application and training. Film and Television acting is a further specialized field and quite different from theatrical acting. It is an art that not only requires its own skill but also requires a larger understanding of the cinematic art form.

In the Acting Course at Digital Academy, we try to hone the skills as well as recondition the minds of the students so that they may perform to the best of their abilities.


Regular Batches : 48 sessions of 3 hours each over 3 months

Monday to Thursday : 11am to 2pm

Weekend Batches : 48 sessions of 3 hours each over 4 months

Saturday and Sunday : 11am to 5:30pm